Trax - 2nd September 2012

After such a good show and attendance at Japfest 2 at Donnington park a few month ago, I decided to attend Trax with the Civinfo forum again, having not been to this show in a few years, it was good to see how it had progressed.


I have always liked the Trax show as going to my fair share of Jap Car shows, it's nice to go to a show and to have a bit of a mixture, and even more so with this years having an attendance of Mercedes added that Touch of Class so to speak.


It also offers a wide variety

I am still yet to see some modified Ferrari's and Lamborghini's yet though but that may change if the show continues.


For a day event it is quite a large turnout and you do struggle to see everything in one day, which I have always been suprised this has never been a weekend show, but it does seem to always have a good turnout.