TrackDays Show - 30th April 2006

A little known show held on a small scale to promote track days, and I attended with Hondas on Track to try and promote HOT a bit more, as it was the early days, and needed to get as much publicity as was possible, it was also a chance to get some passenger rides in.


I managed to get a passenger ride in probably the quickest car I had ever been in, and been in since. A Lotus Exige, but this was no normal Exige. Not only had it already had an engine transplant, that taken from a Honda Civic Type R K20, but the owner decided to bolt on a Supercharger too. It was mental out on the track and the guy had such control over it, anyone else would of probably lost it as with that much power through the rear wheels, it was very sideways most of the time.


We also had a ride in the Civic that you see in the pic, fully race prepared the set up of it was amazing, it stuck to the circuit like it was on rails and had only slight modifications to the engine. It shows that a properly set up car and a good driver is all you need in most cases, not all out power.