RWYB & Test & Tune Day - 2nd September 2006

Unfortunately the weather was against us when we attended Santa Pod in Northants to meet up with the guys at CPL Racing, as the title of the day suggests, it gives tuners the chance to see what improvements can be made before the main competition.


It also offers the Run What Ya Brung where anyone with a car and licence can have a go and see what you can do a 1/4 mile run in.


However the day was interupted with the weather, when it is wet then unfortunately the drag strip closes due to safety and it can take a while to dry once it does stop raining, as was the case with the day.


However on this type of day, you do tend to see various different types of cars attend and this day was no different, from Mustangs, Caterhams, American pick ups, Corvettes, a modified Porsche and a couple of Chevolet powered Fiats.