Rotorstock 4 - 11th to 12th August 2007

No show is a dissapointment at Santa Pod Raceway in Northamptonshire, and this was certainly no exception. Rotostock was combined with the few rounds of the Jap Drag series where my mate Peter Catell as well as our friend Scot Whitelaw was competing along the Guy Chamberlain from CPL and Paul from TDi North.


We decided to camp overnight, hence the night shots of the drag strip, but we were soon awoken  by sounds of revving engines and screaming exhausts.


The main day for action was on Sunday where the JapDragSeries Round 3 kicked off with Guy going against Paul from TDi. Unfortunately Paul has some technical troubles after putting in a good terminal on qualifying. Then the battle of the mates when Scot went up against Pete, although we all knew who the winner would be, as Scot had far too much power although if anything happened during the race it could of been Petes day. So it was Scot and Guy up against each other in the final after Guy had a easy run and Scot beat the only non Honda in the FWD class, the Nissan 100 of Ian Page. Unfortunately the gremlins were around again and this time Guy suffered a failure so it handed the win to Scot.


In the Street class it was the Fensport Corolla that took victory agains the RX7 of Scott Willday and in the Pro Class it was the XS Power's Supra driven by Steve Whittaker which took victory after a mechanical failure from Steve Guirey in his SMG Tuning Imprezza.


Rotorstock show is all about the Mazda Rotary Club and so plenty of RX7's, RX8's and many other Mazda's were in a strong attendance.