Japshow - 6th July 2014

Well unfortunately this was my only show I managed to attend this year, having a busy year with work, purchasing yet another Type R and weekends away but I still managed to get to one of my favourite shows and places, Santa Pod...


It was a great show and I did enjoy looking around having not been for a while, the standard of cars seems to raise each year, and especially the K20 swapped Civic that was so clean everywhere, in fact I could of eaten from the engine bay it was that clean. It was not just me that thought it as it did win the Show 'n' Shine competition.


Some impressive times were out on the drag strips coming from Abbey Motorsports Skyline doing a 8.93 seconds.


Everytime I see it I am always impressed, I am talking about the Jet Car of course, it is always good to watch and the preperation it takes to just do one pass is incredible. But when it crosses the line in 6.02 seconds at 264 mph you cannot help to be amazed.


The FWD class is slowly creeping on the times coming from Skylines however and beginning to get close to our American friends, so it should be a good sight to see in a few shows time.


I could not help take a photo of my car however on the stand I was on while it was so clean haha!