Japfest 2 - 8th July 2012

I attended the show with the guys and gurls from Civinfo.com forum, and what a turnout it was for the forum, showing a great support from its members, having only just starting to attend shows, it certainly was a great site to see.


I was looking forward to the show as it was my first chance to take my current Type R out on track, and also my first time around Donington Park. After my experience of the track, it was time to have a good look around, there seem to be a lack of clubs involved in this Japfest compared to the one earlier in the year, but there were still some nice machinary on display. 


As normal the Scooby and the Evolution guys had a great prescence as they usually do, but we certainly gave them a run for there money, which was reconised by the organisers and the stand won Stand of the Show, with a Trophy and tickets for the next one.


We all had a our photo taken with the trophy for the forum and a group shot that went on the Japfest website, so it was a great feeling and a good show, my first one for around 5 years.


the image of me and the trophy remains the property of Mugged Off Motorsport