JapFest 2 - 30th September 2006

The second part of the show known as JapFest, this is for those further up North and is the northern version of the JapFest show held at Castle Combe earlier in the year. This year also added the competition know as Time Attack into the show.


Time Attack was advised so that anyone could take part, although you do have to have some safety additions fitted but it is based on time rather than racing, so in theory less damage to your vehicle in a non contact sport. We attended the show to give our support to a couple of members who were competing in their Type R's.


The day was packed with action on the track, not only from the Time Attack but as with the original JapFest show, you can have track time as well, and take you own car on. As well as a healthly show of car clubs and displays, it certainly was an event that was unmissable.


For more information on the Time Attack series, visit www.timeattack.co.uk