JAE 2007 - 19th to 21st July

That time of year again when the largest social gathering is upon us, and with a lot of clubs organising for this event from the very start of the year, it is the event that everyone looks forward too, with a beer and night camping antics it is a guaranteed good time, or is it!!!


Well it was going to probably be my last JAE for the time being, as my plans on selling my car the following year meant I would probably not be back so I had to attend. Unfortunately the weather was not to the same thinking and on arrival it was pooring it down, it would then stop but then it would start chucking it down again. It was a decision I had to make, either brave the weather and stay or return home on the same day. I chose to stay and got my tent erected, seeing as it was my last I had to make the most of it.


It was a good decision as although it was raining for most of the night, the weather did improve on the following day, and the display from Terry Grant was able to go ahead although seeing him in action on a number of occassions, I don't think the rain would of stopped him.


Well the sun did eventually appear, if for a breif time but it was a good decision to stay and it paid off sticking it out, although the weather was the worst it had been for this years show, it still didn't stop people attending and it certainly was a good turnout.