JAE 2006 - 21st to 23rd July 2006

Held at the East of England showground in Peterborough this year, as it has out grown its previous venue at the Billing Aquadrome from previous years. It promised to be bigger than ever and with further attractions from Driftworks & Co, their was even more to keep you occupied over the 3 days.


This is one of the most anticipated shows of the year, if they only attend one event a year then this one is the only one. Its the most look forwarded events on the calendar and its not only to show of your Japanese machineary but the social event of the year too.


I have to admit that attending the show on the Friday early to get set up, we were enjoying the weather and the alcohol we brought with us a bit too quickly, so the next morning I was, let's say a little worse for wear. Having been pulled out of my tent from my deflated lino by a few members of the TRO forum, it didn't help with the ill feelings either.


After coming alive towards the afternoon, I ventured out to have a look around, and here are the photos I took.