Castle Combe Action Day - 22nd April 2006

We headed down to Castle Combe race track to attend the Action day as a good friend and members of the Civic Type R owners forum were having a blast on the circuit.


Castle Combe action days are for members of the public to take there own car out on track, and see what it can do.


After selling his Civic Type R, Matt decided to purchase a Citroen Saxo to make into a track day car, he had changed the suspension and stripped out the interior so far for it's first outing, and also brought it on a trailor to cover all bases, should it break or worse.


It survied the day and went home in one piece, I got a few photos of him but Castle Combe is difficult to get in to the action areas, as it consists of mainly right hand bends, and no one is allowed in the centre of the track unlike most circuits. Having been confined to the spectator areas, fences sit on most of the long bends, so you have to make the most of the clear areas.


It turned out to be a great day, and the Thurlby Omega was keeping us enterained drifting around Quarry corner in between track sessions.