Boys Tour Of The Alps 2017

So the trip started down south at Folkestone in Kent, to catch the Channel Tunnel to Calais. From Calais our first stop was Nancy in France, then on to Andermat, Switzerland for a couple of nights, with a trip out to Lake Como, Italy. We then went from Switzerland to Ponte di Legno in the Italian Alps. Next stop was Foiana, near South Tyrol, Italy, close to the border with Austria. We then went into Austria, a place called Haldensee.


From Austria to Waldshut-Teingen in Germany. We travelled through Triberg and ended up in Baden-Baden Germany. Then our journey from Baden-Baden to the Nurburgring, from the Nurburgring it was back into France to Lille. The final day started from Lille to Calais, then from Calais to Home. 2,566.9 miles later but Wow what an experience, I would do it all again tomorrow haha