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Welcome to the Photo Gallery of ToTheRedlinean extremely important part of my site. 


This is where you will find all the images I have taken at events, shows and track days I manage to attend, well that have turned out okay at least!!!


If I do have a photograph of your car or of interest to you, then please do contact me and I will send you the full size image, as long as it is for your own personal use. If it is for any other use then all I would want is recognition, I do it as a hobby not to make money!


2020 Events

05.08.2020 - Wheels On Wednesday @ Spetchley Park Gardens, Worcester





Photo Gallery


21.02.2020 - 23.02.2020 - Race Retro @ Stoneleigh Park, Coventry





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2019 Events

22.10.2019 - Sprint & Trackday @ Curborough Sprint Circuit, Lichfield






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15.05.2019 - Sprint & Trackday @ Curborough Sprint Circuit, Lichfield






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24.02.2019 - 25.02.2019 - Race Retro @ Stoneleigh Park, Coventry






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2018 Events

16.09.2018 - CTRO @ BTCC Silverstone Circuit, Northants






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15.08.2018 - SprintandTrackDay @ Curborough Sprint Circuit, Lichfield


SprintandTrackDay are a group of enthusiasts that do sprints at Curborough sprint course in Lichfield. The events they organise are perfect for testing, shakedowns, track day enthusiasts or the track day veteran.


The group can be found on Facebook by clicking Here



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08.04.2018 - Honda Mimms Day @ Santa Pod Raceway, Northants


The first show of the season for me, and to start the season opener for Honda Mimms first show.


Was looking forward to meeting up with JAP or Just Automotive Perfection as I was displaying my car with them for the first time, unfortunately it was a little damp...



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2017 Events

01.09.2017 - 03.09.2017 - Japanese Auto Extravaganza @ East of England Showground, Peterborough


So this year I managed to attend the show in my car :) and the weather was great, and a good social event, with like minded folk...



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23.07.2017 - Honda Mimms Day "Summer Edition" @ Donnington Park, Castle Donnington


The second visit to Rockingham and for Mimms, advertised as the 'Summer Edition' it was a bit of a mix of weather, but it all turned out nice in the end.....




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13.07.2017 - Javelin Track Day @ Cadwell Park, Louth, Lincolnshire


I attended a track day at Cadwell Park with some of the Honda lads, unfortunately it was full so I could not go on myself, so went and took some photos instead... 




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02.07.2017 - Fast Car Festival @ Donnington Park, Castle Donnington


Different day but same location, and a different show. This time the Fast Car Fesitaval feature the infamous Aston Martin Vulcan out on track....



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01.07.2017 - Japfest2 @ Donnington Park, Castle Donnington



The second instalment of this popular Japanese car show....




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Nurburgring Trip - June 2017



So after a short visit to the Ring on our Tour or the Alps, I so wanted to go back, so I did!!!


5 Days, 10 mins from the Ring as well.... it was well worth the 1,266 miles...



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Boys Tour Of The Alps, Various Locations


So the trip started down south at Folkestone in Kent, to catch the Channel Tunnel to Calais. From Calais our first stop was Nancy in France, then on to Andermat, Switzerland for a couple of nights, with a trip out to Lake Como, Italy. We then went from Switzerland to Ponte di Legno in the Italian Alps. Next stop was Foiana, near South Tyrol, Italy, close to the border with Austria. We then went into Austria, a place called Haldensee.


From Austria to Waldshut-Teingen in Germany. We travelled through Triberg and ended up in Baden-Baden Germany. Then our journey from Baden-Baden to the Nurburgring, from the Nurburgring it was back into France to Lille. The final day started from Lille to Calais, then from Calais to Home. 2,566.9 miles later but Wow what an experience, I would do it all again tomorrow haha clicking here

30.04.2017 - Japfest @ Silverstone Circuit, Towcester, Northamptonshire


Japfest is always a winner and brings people in their droves, and this was no exeption. It returns to its new home for the 2nd year running at Silverstone, and it certainly fills up the space that this circuit has to offer 




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23.04.2017 - Honda Mimms Season Opener @ Rockingham Raceway, Corby, Northants


So the last show of the season also starts off with the first show of the season, Honda Mimms.




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2016 Events

11.12.2016 - Honda Mimms Christmas Special @ Stoneleigh Park, Coventry


So the last show of the season, and probably the latest one I have attended, but as I missed out on most, it was rude not to attend...



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08.09.2016 - 11.09.2016 - Japanese Auto Extravaganza @ Newark Showground, Nottinghamshire


Well, it was meant to be the first show with my newly repaired Type R but unfortunately it was not the case, so I had to go in my Cooper S...


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23.08.2016 - Sprint & Trackday Event @ Curborough Sprint Track, Lichfield


The Spring & Trackday crew and there regular meets at the Curborough Sprint track, its a cool little circuit with a mix of people and cars going to do what cars are meant to be for, having a blast around and having fun...


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21.08.2016 - Japanese Performance Show @ Stoneleigh Park, Coventry


My first Jap show since my unfortunate Japfest, but unfortunately without my Type R. It was a decent show with quality cars on view, maybe not as big as organisers would of liked, but the phrase "quality rather than quantity" sprang to mind.


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14.08.2016 - Mini In The Park @ Santa Pod Raceway, Wellingborough, Northants


Well it was my first car show with my Mini and what a show to take it too, one of the biggest Mini shows going.


I attended the show with MiniTorque and the stand had some amazing cars, with some more ideas gathered it proved to be a good day in more ways than first thought...Click Here for Photo Gallery

2015 Events

29.11.2015 - Honda Mimms Meet @ East of England Showground, Peterborough


Well what a show it turned out to be, this was my first experience of a Honda Mimms meet as normally they are too far for me to go, but it was a great day out. It was great to see varying Honda's in one place and the standard of quality on show was very high. MORE

11.10.2015 - Japshow @ Santa Pod Raceway, Northamptonshire


The last biggest Jap car show of the year and the finals of the Drag Series. It promised to be a great show and it certainly did not dissapoint. More

10.09.2015-13.09.2015 - JAE @ Newark Showground, Nottinghamshire


One of the biggest Japshows of the year where a great mix of cars come together to have a few drinks and a good time...More

05.07.2015 - JAPSHOW @ Santa Pod Raceway

My first show of the year, I was planning on going to Japfest however my car was not Tax'd or Insured so I waited for one of my favourites, JAPSHOW at Santa Pod! More

2014 Events

06.07.2014 - JAPSHOW @ Santa Pod Raceway

Well unfortunately this was my only show I managed to attend this year, having a busy year with work, purchasing yet another Type R and weekends away but I still managed to get to one of my favourite shows and places, Santa Pod...More

2013 Events

07.07.2013 - JAPFEST 2 @ Donington Park

Well after last years epic show and win for the stand I attended the show again with Civinfo and hoping to keep the crown of the best club stand!!! More




05.05.2013 JDM Collective Meet @ A Car Park in Dudley

I do not normally go to these type of meets that are organised by some random guy and held in a car park, however it had good feedback from previous meets I decided to attend. More


2012 Events

08.07.2012 - TRAX Show 2012 @ Silverstone

After such a good show and attendance at Japfest 2 at Donnington park a few month ago, I decided to attend Trax with the Civinfo forum again, having not been to this show in a few years, it was good to see how it had progressed. More

08.07.2012 - JAPFEST 2 @ Donington Park

I attended the show with the guys and gurls from forum, and what a turnout it was for the forum, showing a great support from its members, having only just starting to attend shows, it certainly was a great site to see. More

17.06.2012 - Japshow @ Santa Pod Raceway

Well this was my first Japshow for 3 years and I had been looking forward to getting back to Santa Pod for a revisit. I was not dissapointed with what I found, not only had the place and some injection of funds for new grandstands, further tarmac areas for the Drift displays and a much more buzz about the place. More

11.05.2012 - JAPFEST! @ Castle Combe

Well the first car show I attended in over 3 years and I was not to be dissapointed, with it being the 10th Anniverary show, it was sure to get the crowds in and it certainly did that. More

26.02.2012 – Midlands Meet
The first Mids Meet for a while, and it was a good turnout of Honda's, from Accords, Civics and Integras.

2011 Events

05.11.2011 - TDi North Rolling Road Day

The Type R Owners Rolling Road Day, held at TDi North in Warrington on this ever so familiar date in November, no fireworks here though just plenty of fuel burning smells and Horsepower.


27.09.2011 - Oulton Park Track Day

After having withdrawls of not being around cars of some description for a while, and my cravings for another Type R, I attended a track day, held at Oulton Park Race track where I knew there would be one or two Type R's in attendance. More

2010 Events

09.2010 - Lake District

My first actual trip to the Lake District to see the wonderful views and scenary this place has to offer, not normally something I take photographs off, but first time for everything. More

2009 Events

21.07.2009 - Japshow @ Santa Pod Raceway

My only car show for a couple of years and the only one for this year, so I had to make sure I went to one of the best. More

2007 Events

04.02.2007 - Leicestershire Meet

I decided to join and head over to the guys in Leicestershire and join in on there meet they had organised, as a drive was planned after the intial meet at the pub. More

01.04.2007 - Midlands Meet

The next instalment of our Midlands Meet and the weather turned out to be pretty good, few members also turned up so it turned out to be a decent attendance. More

06.04.2007 - Donington Park Track Day

A good friend of mine and a few members of the Civic Type R owners were attending a track day at Donnington Park, so seeing as I am only 45 minutes away I thought I would head down and get some shots of them on track. More

19.05.2007 - JAPFEST! @ Castle Combe

The first major car show of the event calendar and it was a great turnout, not only for Civic Type R owners, but for the rest of the show. It had got to be the biggest attendance so far in the events history and with the track fully booked for it's sessions, it promised to be a busy old day. More

20.05.2007 - RWYB @ Shakespeare County Raceway

Well what else can you do on a glorious Sunday but to have a blast to Stratford upon Avon and head to the Shakespeare County Raceway. We meet up with a few more club members who are all set ready for a blast up the strip. More

24.06.2007 - JapShow @ Santa Pod Raceway

Unfortunately the weather was not the kindest to us this year, and it managed to scupper our plans at the Japshow at Santa Pod too. More

19.07.2007 to 21.07.2007 - JAE (Japanese Auto Extravaganza)

That time of year again when the largest social gathering is upon us, and with a lot of clubs organising for this event from the very start of the year, it is the event that everyone looks forward too, with a beer and night camping antics it is a guaranteed good time, or is it!!! More

11.08.2007 to 12.08.2007 - Rotorstock 4 @ Santa Pod Raceway

No show is a dissapointment at Santa Pod Raceway in Northamptonshire, and this was certainly no exception. Rotostock was combined with the few rounds of the Jap Drag series where my mate Peter Catell as well as our friend Scot Whitelaw was competing along the Guy Chamberlain from CPL and Paul from TDi North. More

09.09.2007 - British GT & Formula 3 @ Croft Circuit

A friends work decided to sponsor a British GT car, so he was given 2 VIP tickets to the event and so I tagged along to experience the action for myself. More

30.09.2007 - Jap Racer Days @ Shakespeare Raceway

This event was a kind of taster to the JapShow Finale, held on a smaller scale with no club displays, but plenty of people to do the RWYB, plus the heats of the Drag Racing series. More

07.10.2007 - Japshow Finale @ Santa Pod Raceway

This turned out to be my last event for a couple of years and it certainly was a great show by all accounts. Also our good friend Scot (pictured right) managed to win his class More

2006 Events

22.04.2006 - Castle Combe Action Day

We headed down to Castle Combe race track to attend the Action day as a good friend and members of the Civic Type R owners forum were having a blast on the circuit. More

30.04.2006 - Track Days Show @ Rockingham

A little known show held on a small scale to promote track days, and I attended with Hondas on Track to try and promote HOT a bit more, as it was the early days, and needed to get as much publicity as was possible, it was also a chance to get some passenger rides in. More

01.05.2006 - Shakespeare Raceway

Well it is the first visit to a drag strip of the year, and the weather was not bad either. Our plan was to get to Shakespeare Raceway in Stratford upon Avon as early as we could and meet up with Scot and Guy from CPL Racing. More

14.05.2006 - BTCC @ Oulton Park

This meet was organised as a bit of a gathering before the main trip of the Euro Tour in a couple of weeks, but everyone was invited and it was a good turnout, we all managed to get infield parking and park up together. More

20.05.2006 - Japfest @ Castle Combe

The first major show of the year and the weather was not too bad, so at least the track action could get under way, with a display from the Driftworks boys later on the track we wanted it to stay dry. The club area was packed with owners clubs from all over the UK and plenty of magazines were in attendance, making it possibly the largest Japfest so far. More

27.05.2006 - 03.06.2006 - Honda Euro Tour

The date, 27th May 2006. The location, Dover. This was going to be the start of a trip over 7 days, visiting France, Belguim, Germany, Switzerland and an in and out visit of Italy. Due to an early ferry from Dover we all met up and stayed in a hotel overnight, and of course a curry night was planned. More

Shakespeare County Raceway RWYB - 11th June 2006

We got to the raceway early as I had been fortunate enough to arrange a press pass for the day, so I could get closer to the action. Our friends at CPL were in attendance as well as TDi North, for some testing for the forthcoming season, so I was there to capture the action. More

18.06.2006- WJPC vs CTRO Meet, Halesowen

WJPC also known as Worcestershire Japanese Car Club and members of Civic Type R Owners forum joined as one, and attended a meet at the Black Horse in Halesowen, just off the A456. More

24.06.2006 to 25.06.2006 - JapShow @ Santa Pod Raceway

We were looking forward to attending the show, and we decided to stay for the two days, as on Saturday was the usual RWYB sessions as well as any last minute practice for competitors in the main show the following day. More

01.07.2006 - Alan Day Honda Meet/Open Day

The kind folks at Alan Day Honda in Portsmouth decided and organised an open day at their showroom to Honda owners from all around. More

21.07.2006 to 23.07.2006 - JAE (Japanese Auto Extravaganza) '06

This is one of the most anticipated shows of the year, if they only attend one event a year then this one is the only one. Its the most look forwarded events on the calendar and its not only to show of your Japanese machineary but the social event of the year too. more

03.08.2006 - Hondas On Track @ Silverstone

I decided to head down to Silverstone in Northants as Hondas on Track were holding their track day at the circuit, so I went to try and practice getting some photos, and hopefully blag some passenger rides too. More

19.08.2006 - ABP Open Day

ABP Motorsport in Crewe kindly offered to hold an Open Day for Civic Type R owners, offering prizes, discounts and some ladies to pose with. A few of us arranged to meet at the services just off the M6 and convoyed down to ABP which is just off Junction 16 of the M6. More

02.09.2006 - Test & Tune/RWYB @ Santa Pod Raceway

Unfortunately the weather was against us when we attended Santa Pod in Northants to meet up with the guys at CPL Racing, as the title of the day suggests, it gives tuners the chance to see what improvements can be made before the main competition. More 

03.09.2006 - Trax 2006

Well Trax is one of the biggest shows of the calendar, held at a packed out Silverstone race circuit. It open to every owners club/forum out there to attend, so it has every make a model attend and normally modified in one way or another, this year was no exception with some vehicles you would not normally expect to see... more

09.09.2006 - Renault World Series

Held at Donington Park race circuit, this event is organised by Renault and offers the family and enthusiasts the chance to see a variety of races, cars and Renaults own F1 car in action, and the best thing is it is completely FREE! more

30.09.2006 - JapFest 2 at Donington Park

The second part of the show known as JapFest, this is for those further up North and is the northern version of the JapFest show held at Castle Combe earlier in the year. This year also added the competition know as Time Attack into the show. more

07.10.2006 to 08.10.2006 - JapShow Finale at Santa Pod Raceway

The finale of the show held at Santa Pod Raceway, JapShow is one of the biggest Japanese car shows of the year, and features some tough competition to be crowned the Winner of the Jap Racer series. More