Welcome along to my website totheredline 


This website is dedicated to my love of motoring wether that be on Two or Four Wheels! and photography.


My aim is to update the site with photographs of the various forthcoming car shows and track day events I will hopefully attend, as well as local meets and other interests.


So please feel free to have a look around, you can contact me at carl@totheredline.co.uk


So, well, erm 2020 haha......


Lets not say anything on the situation at the moment, I think we have had enough of it at the moment....


Onwards and upwards hey....


So I finally managed to get to something car related this month so lets get back into things.


I will be updating the site as we go along.


Hope all are safe and well.


ToTheRedline Track Day Car project.


So a little update with the Track Day ep3 I was working on....


I did get the majority of it complete with a few things to do, namely tuning of the engine and gearbox upgrades.


Unfortunately I made the decision after a few things happened in my life, of getting out of it. 


So someone I know were interested in purchasing it as it was, so the deal was done and it has now gone to a new home.


I then subsequently sold my tow car (the VW Passat) and purchased a Golf R instead.


Wheels On Wednesday @ Spetchley Park Gardens, Worcester


So a bit of a last minute outing this one, I saw it originally on Facebook and as I had not attended anything, let alone a car meeting, I thought why not head down...




Photo Gallery

Race Retro @ Stoneleigh Park, Coventry


Officially I didn’t attend the show, I was actually working at it, but it was rude not to go around and get some photos of the cars on display. 


Please excuse the photos as I was only able to use my iPhone 11 Pro Max to take them.


Photo Gallery